Low FODMAP breading (e.g. for chicken or fish)

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Breaded chicken, fish, pork or anything else you can think of, just taste so good. Unfortunately breading usually consists of wheat flour and wheat breadcrumbs which is not low FODMAP, but here to save day is a low FODMAP recipe for breading your meat or veggie dinner.

The replacements

The replacements are not complicated and still only consists of 3 ingredients. You need:

  • Buckwheat flour
  • Eggs
  • Corn grits

That’s it! So as you probably guest already buckwheat flour will replace wheat flour, eggs will be eggs and corn grits will replace breadcrumbs in the breading process. And on to the method.


When you want to bread things it happens in 3 very simple steps. Off course you need to prepare what you want bread, so it is ready for the breading process, but when you have done that take these steps.

  1. Prepare 3 plates and pour buckwheat on the first one, stir egg(s) on the second one and pour corn grits on the last one.
  2. Take your chicken, fish or what ever you need to bread and turn it in the buckwheat flour first, then move on to next plate and turn it in the eggs and last but not least move on to the third plate and turn it in the corn grits.
  3. When you have done this with all you need to bread it is time to fry it. Remember to use a lot of grease as it soaks a lot, butter or oil.

Remember to do it in this order: flour, eggs, grits. You use the flour because it helps bind the eggs and it is important that the egg binds because it binds the corn grits and the more corn grits you have the crispier and more delicious your breading will become.


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