Foodplano was founded in september of 2018 with the goal of providing the best digital solutions for the food and health industry. Our vision is to make it easy and available for everyone to eat well and live on a healthy diet, without it consuming all of your time.

Our mission

“We make apps that helps people to have a healthier lifestyle through food.”

Our vision

“We aim to be the leading provider of digital solutions to the food industry.”

Company values

“In everything we do we value the right to privacy. We work to give people a better health through food and keep in mind that we want to help limit waste and waste of food to make a better future.”

First product

In march 2019 we launched our first digital product, an app for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The app was build around the Low FODMAP Diet which is uniquely developed for relieving symptoms gained from IBS. The diet was developed on the Australian university Monash and we have used their groundbreaking research and made in to the most intuitive and helpful app for people on the low FODMAP diet. Our app is called “Low FODMAP Lifestyle” and is currently available for download on iOS devices, with Android devices coming up soon.

The future

We are currently developing on our existing apps to make them even better, but the future holds a lot of new app launches.

One of our running projects is to make the most comprehensive database of food and info about every food.

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